We are releasing Snowflock in binary and source code form. Our binary release is made up of the following components, packaged as red-hat friendly rpm:


  • The SnowFlock manual: html (preferred) and pdf formats.
  • The main snowflock rpm (md5sum 90a94bff883f252ba2b8f807265e6a9a).
  • The snowflock-guest rpm, to be installed in your VMs (md5sum d15678030a5990128f4552e66c562e3d).
  • The mpich-sf rpm, a version of MPI (MPICH2 flavour) integrated with SnowFlock that you can install in your VMs (md5sum 465a695491ae29a5505759593acaf9f6).
  • A bzipped Xen VM image ready-to go, with the two packages above installed (md5sum 0f6ae47c2cf4eb4f8b79881399b24889).
  • If you happen to use Platform EGO, you can add SnowFlock as another service consumer. You'll need the libegosf rpm (md5sum c91e1f944faacdcbe18c9a89e0baf3b2).


If you crave for a source distribution, you can check out our subversion repository, or download a tarball of the repository (md5sum 9bbb4adde9c2b9f9df06079880d53db8). If you are interested specifically in our modifications to the Xen source tree, simply do svn diff -r1 on the xen-3.0.3 directory of our source distribution.

The SnowFlock code is released under the GPL license. Read our license here and authorship information here.




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