Caching Documents with Active Properties

Eyal de Lara, Karin Petersen, Douglas B. Terry, Anthony LaMarca, Mike Salisbury, Paul Dourish, Keith Edwards, John Lamping

7th IEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS), Rio Rico, AZ, March 1999



Caching in the Placeless Documents system poses new challenges because users can attach active properties to documents. Active properties can modify the document's content as seen by the user. Thus, the caching mechanisms must take into account that a document's content not only depends on when the document was last modified, but also on the set of personal and universal properties attached to the document and the information on which these properties depend. Interestingly, active properties can be used to help caches manage their content by notifying them of events that affect cache consistency, by providing caches with document-specific verifiers to further check check on a document's consistency, and by returning information that can aid in decisions of which documents to cache.



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