Simplified Simulation Models for Indoor MANET Evaluation are not Robust

H. Andres Lagar-Cavilla, Gerard Baron, Thomas E. Hart, Lionel Litty, Eyal de Lara

1st IEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (SECON), Santa Clara, CA, October 2004



We evaluate the robustness of simplified mobility and radio propagation models for indoor MANET simulations. A robust simplification allows researchers to extrapolate simulation results and reach reliable conclusions about the expected performance of protocols in real life. We show that common simplified mobility and radio propagation models are not robust. Experiments with DSR and DSDV, two representative MANET routing protocols, show that the simplifications affect the two protocols in very different manners. Even for a single protocol, the effects on perceived performance can vary erratically as parameters change. These results cast doubt on the soundness of evaluations of MANET routing protocols based on simplified mobility and radio propagation models, and expose the urgent need for more research on realistic MANET simulation.



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