Are GSM Phones THE Solution for Localization?

Alex Varshavsky, Mike Y. Chen, Eyal de Lara, Jon Froehlich, Dirk Haehnel, Jeffrey Hightower, Anthony LaMarca, Fred Potter, Timothy Sohn, Karen Tang, Ian Smith

7th IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (WMCSA), Semiahmoo Resort, WA, April 2006



In this paper, we argue that localization solution based on cellular phone technology, specifically GSM phones, is a sufficient and attractive option in terms of coverage and accuracy for a wide range of indoor, outdoor, and placebased location-aware applications. We present preliminary results that indicate that GSM-based localization systems have the potential to detect the places that people visit in their everyday lives, and can achieve median localization accuracies of 5 and 75 meters for indoor and outdoor environments, respectively.