URICA: Usage-awaRe Interactive Content Adaptation for Mobile Devices

Iqbal Mohomed, Jim Chengming Cai, Eyal de Lara

1st EuroSys Conference, Leuven, Belgium, April 2006



Usage-awaRe Interactive Content Adaptation (URICA) is an automatic technique that adapts content for display on mobile devices based on usage semantics. URICA allows users who are unsatisfied with the system’s adaptation decision to take control of the adaptation process and make changes until the content is suitably adapted for their purposes. The successful adaptation is recorded and used in making future adaptation decisions. To validate URICA, we implemented a prototype system called Chameleon that performs fidelity adaptation on web images. We conducted a user study in which participants used Chameleon to browse image-rich web pages on bandwidth-limited cellular links and used the collected traces to evaluate our system. We show that Chameleon reduces the latency for browsing web content by up to 65% and reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 80%. Chameleon also allows users to exchange bandwidth consumption for user interaction based on their personal preferences.