The Case for Context-Aware Selective Resume

Eric Wright, Eyal de Lara, Ashvin Goel

2nd International Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing and Services (MCS), Bethesda, MD, June 2011



The main approach for conserving energy today is to place idle system into one of several low-power system sleep states. However, current transition times between the power states are long, limiting the usefulness of these states. We propose using a context-aware selective resume to wake a system with only the minimal set of devices needed for the waking task. This approach provides access to system resources with the lowest power consumption possible and with the shortest transition latencies. In this paper, we discuss the classes of applications that would benefit from selective resume, discuss the design considerations for implementing selective resume, and profile system sleep cycles to demonstrate that OS modifications can reduce cycle time by as much as 87% and energy use by up to 50%.