Searching Complex DataWithout an Index

M. Satyanarayanan , Rahul Sukthankar, Adam Goode, Nilton Bila, Lily Mummert, Jan Harkes, Adam Wolbach, Larry Huston, Eyal de Lara

International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, vol. 1, no. 2, December 2010



We show how query-speci c content-based computation can be used for interactive search when a pre-computed index is not available. Rather than text or numeric data, we focus on complex data such as digital photographs and medical images. We describe a system that can perform such interactive searches on stored data as well as live Web data. The system is able to narrow the focus of a non-indexed search by using structured data sources such as relational databases. It can also leverage domain-speci c software tools in search computations. We report on the design and implementation of this system, and its use in the health sciences.