Copernicus: Face-to-Face Web-based Sharing and Collaboration

Jing Su, Dave Dearman, Dritan Xhabija, Ashvin Goel, Eyal de Lara

University of Toronto, Technical Report CSRG-603 , November 2009



<p>Mobile devices are increasingly being used to access web applications. Unfortunately, the usage model for web applications today is still desktop-centric, in which users work in isolation. As a result, using mobile devices to find or share data, or collaborate while in a social setting is cumbersome at best, and often frustrating. </p> <p> Instead, we envision a new usage model in which web applications supplement and enhance face-to-face social interactions. This model forms the basis of Copernicus, a system that simplifies the sharing of web content between individuals that come within proximity of each other. Copernicus introduces a collaboration model in which users in proximity are represented as first class objects in the system, which encapsulate the users’ web applications and content. Copernicus allows building applications that can take advantage of user objects to enable sharing and collaboration with nearby users. </p>