CILoS: A CDMA Indoor Localization System

Waqas ur Rehman, Eyal de Lara, Stefan Saroiu

10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp), Seoul, South Korea, September 2008



CILoS is an indoor localization system based on CDMA mobile phone signal fingerprinting. CDMA networks vary their transmission power to accommodate fluctuations in network load. This affects signal intensity and therefore limits the practicality of traditional fingerprinting approaches based on receiver signal strength (RSSI) measurements. Instead, CILoS uses fingerprints of signal delay that are robust to cell resizing. We demonstrate that CILoS achieves a median accuracy of 5 meters, and compares favourably to RSSI fingerprinting systems. We highlight the significance of wide fingerprints, constructed through scanning multiple channels, for achieving high localization accuracy. We also show that our system can accurately differentiate between floors of a multifloor building.






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